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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  October 7, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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this is kpix news on the cw. >> i have a feeling if if walter white were to see this, he would be impressed. >> millions of dollars worth of meth. >> just vote. let every member of congress vote their conscious and they can determine whether or not they want to shut the government down. >> the blame game continues in washington as president obama pleas with house republicans to end the shutdown before things get any worse. >> bay area commuters get a temporary breather bart workers won't walk off the job, at least for now. >> good evening, i'm juliette goodrich. jouett yell, what are they saying? >> two of the unions, the biggest ones have a gag order tonight. the third union, the smallest, talked to kpix5 and they could
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be the holdout. >> we will be reading a statement. we will not be taking any questions. we do not want to strike. we want that to be made clear. >> two of bart's biggest unions under a gag order. the third union comprised of train controllers. >> contention at the table is tenfold. >> talked exclusively to kpix5 tonight. they right-hand turn under a gag order, but they have been under a spotlight. >> i have never been in a situation like this. >> and the president asked the smallest union, says they could be the holdout. >> if we don't come to an agreement, which we hope we do, we could go on strike and the other two unions would honor. >> stacey, e quail pay for equal work. >> i can't believe the media tactic that the district put on their employees. it's almost like they hate us. >> do you have to let bart
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workers know? >> it could be down to the wire. as for bart management. >> we will continue to talk and we'll talk beyond the end of the cooling off period if necessary. >> so, a lot of riders, in my own interviews, are saying we're tired of this. why can't they come to an agreement? some believe the workers are getting fair pay. ingly don't blame them. it's simply not true. and we're not on the news slinging mud. >> now this third union asked me if negotiating at a separate table down the street from here. everyone tonight, all three unions are now calling it a done night and they'll be back here tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. >> are the unions required to give that 72 hour strike notice? >> they did in the past strike, that 72 hour notice is really just a courtesy. they don't have to. maybe there is some small glimmer of hope because they
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didn't issue that or they aren't going to, that maybe these workers won't go off the job. no strike notice, but no contract deal either. stay with for up to the minute developments. >> the government shutdown last week, the nation could default on its loans next week. so, what is being done to end this thing? both sides are still digging in. republican speaker, john boehner, wants negotiations. won't allow a vote on a bill until then. boehner says there's not enough votes to pass it. president obama says prove it. >> my very strong suspicion is, there are enough votes there. the reason speaker boehner hasn't called a votes on it is because he doesn't apparently want to see the government shutdown end at the moment. >> the senior white house official said the president would rather default than sit down and negotiate.
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really? >> the bigger concern is ten days from now when the nation will reach the cap on borrowing. republicans won't agree to raise the debt ceiling unless the white house agrees to some spending cuts. the shutdown drama is weighing on the stock market. that's only part of the reason the stocks sank. investors are concerned about that debt ceiling deadline. >> search is on tonight for the man accused of master mining a huge meth ring in san jose. take a look at what under cover officers found in his home. more than two dozen pounds of meth and other drugs, guns, and a lot of cash. so much cash, in fact, that as kit dotels us, deputies had to use something to count it all. >> one deputy said, this is big. this is impressive, i have never seen anything like this before. what is this? >> this is crystal meth. this is in a very, very pure form. >> after a two-yearlong
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investigation, undercover deputies with the sheriff's office, seized 27-pounds of uncut meth. more than 90% pure. >> i have a feeling if walter white were to see this, he would be impressed. there was so much money, deputies had to use the cash counter. total amount, $825,000. but the grand total for all of it, with the cash, and four pounds of cocaine was $2.3 million. >> i think there's more than this in the county. what makes me real happy is we have this here and our investigators did such a good job to take this amount of drugs off the streets. >> meth were triple wrapped in tupper ware containers. tell tail signs it came from mexican drug cartels. he is a fairly high level
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distributor who is now on the run from the good guys and the bad guys. >> i'm sure he has someone he buys from, if he's not in charge of processing. it's a big hit to somebody. it will be interesting. that's why we would like to find him. detectives say for his sake, he better hope the cops find him before the cartel gets to him first. kit doe, kpix5. >> deputies recovered two loaded guns. we had been reported stolen by its owner. breaking news. fire fights are on the scene of a fire. it started in the basement of 7th and st. james street. people were using the home to grow pot, but they illegally wired the house for electricity. one person was inside the home and she got out okay. one of heyward's finest stepped down today following allegations he used his authority to commit extortion. ramiro is accused of not
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arresting a woman suspected in a prescription drug forgery case. instead, police say that he tried to use her to get information about ore crimes. when she refused, he allegedly asked the woman for cash in exchange for letting her go. >> we are not going to be comply sit in any criminal or administrate ifs misbehavior or misconduct on the part of any of our personnel. >> his attorney says he is an army vet and a father of two and has an outstanding reputation for being diligent and ethical. >> a high pressure natural gas pipeline that hats potential to blow up is shut down tonight. a judge ordered pg and e to turn the gas off in line 147 that runs there awe neighborhood through san carlos. the problem that forced the emergency shutdown. >> there's a troubled gas line under the streets of pg and e
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preferred you not know much about. >> sure r it makes me nervous. >> this is an e-mail pg and e prefer you not know about. it's from an engineer who wrote more than a year ago he had serious concerns about line 47, specifically the welds made in 1929. it's a 3.8-mile pipeline that runs through the heart of town, passed schools and playgrounds. >> i was shocked. >> same welds in the san bruno pipeline that burst into flames two years ago. >> it was thursday we were handed this e-mail from pg and e officials, which contain a statement suggesting by one of their engineers. >> it took an order from the court, that was done last night. >> several months ago, pg and e had torn up the street and everything was fine. >> that was the belief of many here.
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>> it's been shown that the unfortunate situation, that their recordkeeping has been spotty. >> it was tested in september of 2011. so this pipeline was deemed safe, not just by a pg and e practice, but industry standard. >> pg and e will go to court tomorrow so they can open the pipeline again. in san carlos, kpix5. >> san carlos city officials estimate between 3,000 and 5,000 people live along the route of the pipeline now shut down. >> a salmonella scare stretches across 18 states. why health officials think that it may have originated here in california. >> an armed robber no match for this store clerk. how the employee fought back. >> and how does a boy without a boarding pass get on to a plane without noticing? the surprising new details about this sneaky young osteo
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stow away. >> right now, not not too bad. clear skies. the forecast coming up. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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alert. chicken from california is ma new at 10:00, a public health alert. chicken from california is making hundreds of people sick. joe vasquez talked to a bay area man who was just about to dig in. >> the number is right there. >> ed says he bought foster farms raw chicken today and was about to prepare dinner when he saw a report on kpix at 5:00. turns out, he bought the same chicken and even has the same cereal numbers as the one making people sick. p6137, p6137a. >> why can they put stuff out that has salmonella. it wouldn't happen. >> today, the u.s. department of agriculture food safety and inspection service issued a public health alert saying 278 people got sick with strains of
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salmonella in 18 states. predominantly california and that the illnesses are associated with raw chicken products. that chicken is being sold right now. in fact, we found it on the shelves of a local grocery tore store tonight. no recall has been issued. >> i don't know why they aren't recalling it. >> dr. lee riley specializes in infectious diseases. yes, you should cook the chicken long enough to kill the bacteria, but it's the company's responsibility to make sure meat tainted with salmonella shouldn't be sold to the public. >> you know, from what we know, this same thing happened in the spring of this year. maybe there's something going on at the plant, i don't know. >> foster farms put out a statement saying it regrets people got sick and taking new safety precautions. foster farms encourages people
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to thoroughly cook their chicken. a big honor for three college professors, two from right here in the bay area. they won the 2013 nobel prize in physiology or medicine. uc berkeley was honored for his role in discovering the machinery that regulates the secretion of proteins in our cells. >> you think about clever things. all i could say was, oh my god, oh my god, and then i went speechless, i couldn't say anything more. >> stanford professors were also among the honorees. >> san francisco students could be allowed to eat breakfast in class. tonight, a school district committee discussed that proposal. a study has shown students who eat breakfast pay more attention and improf improve their test scores. a prebagged meal during the first ten minutes of their
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first class. it is only at selected middle and high schools. 100 preschoolers received the gift of learning today. the spanish speaking kids were given bilinglingual toys. a city staffer organized the donation. he wanted to build a stronger relationship with the community. >> if we can reach out to the families and to the kids, they can trust up, helps make our job easier. >> the police department will be handing out more educational toys to other organizations and schools in the coming weeks. and sales for mark is donating $2.7 billion no san francisco middle school. 1.5million will go to technology and infrastructure. students will have ipads and requireless internet access and each principal gets $100,000 to pay for what is needed most at their school.
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firefighters back this evening putting out hot spots from last night's grass fire. crews were spraying down anything that had a chance of reigniting. to fight any hot spots as well. it was a very different scene from what drivers saw last evening. flames took over the southern side of the island just before 8:00 last night, causing a huge traffic backup on the bay bridge. at first, investigators blamed fireworks, but now say they really don't know how it started. >> there's been a lot of different fires around the bay area. because we've been so dry. >> that doesn't help. and on the subject of firefighters, you know, when hitchcock died in 1929, she left us $118,000. and she said to build something, just build something. you know, to honor the city i loved so much.
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the supervisor said, well we need a road, but you know what they built instead? they built coit tower, beautiful up there on telegraph hill and tomorrow is its 80th birthday. they will celebrate with an 80th birthday cake inside the tower. that's the work of 27 different artists and some of the descendents of the artists will be there tomorrow to help celebrate and light the birthday cake. right now in concord, it's 65 degrees. oakland has 60 in the city. winds right now are finally beginning to come out of the west and with that nice moist direction, the numbers will begin to cool. you want to talk about winds, go into the tropical pacific. the winds in this are 65 miles per hour. it will become a hurricane tomorrow. it's moving just to the west, but once it becomes a hurricane, it will become a tropical storm, so it doesn't look like it will make it to hawaii. out the door tomorrow morning, a few high clouds, sunny and 61
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degrees. but cool weather is on the way because of that low pressure in the pacific northwest. it will push south and it will be sunny tomorrow, which is not as warm tomorrow as it was today. temperatures will bottom out on wednesday and warm it up toward the weekend. overnight, numbers will be near 50 degrees and tomorrow, san jose is at 73. morgan hill 75. these numbers 8 degrees cooler than we had today. 67 and 72 at oakland. extended forecast, cool it down wednesday. not too bad. we'll be in the # 0s instead of the 80s. for october, that's not too bad. >> spectacular. >> the former president, jimmie carter and his wife, head to san jose tomorrow for another day volunteering for habitat for humanity. check it out on the chop saw. 89-year-old carter alongside his wife fired up the saw. the mission, to build affordable homes in one of oakland's poorest neighborhoods. carter says it is the basic human right to have a decent
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place to live. >> at a fairly modest cost at least for this year. >> the cartes have been working with habitat for humanity all over the world for the past 30 years. learning some new details about a boy who boarded a flight to vegas without a ticket. >> and dean reynolds told us he had been up to no good the day before. >> airport officials say the nine-year-old made two trips to the terminal. last wednesday, he took the train to the airport, lifted a stranger's suitcase from the baggage carousel. there, he had lunch, dropped the bag, and skipped the check after telling the waitress he was just going to the restroom. after that, officials say he went home. surveillance cameras picked him up again the next day being screened at the airport check point. steps away on concourse g,
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delta flight 1651 was boarding for an 11:15 departure to las vegas. airport officials tell us the surveillance tape shows the boy without a boarding pass darting past an agent. charles, a security consultant for several major airlines says the situation is not unimaginable. >> do you see a 9-year-old child who doesn't look like he is lost or upset. tend to assume he is with somebody that would be required to put him on board an airplane. >> flight was half way to las vegas when the crew realized the boy was not on their list of unaccompanied minors. they called the las vegas police who took him into protective custody. the tsa says the boy was properly screened. whether a recon figured barrier could prevent future stow away episodes. minneapolis. delta airlines is reviewing its procedures after the security breech. no word on why the boy did it
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and what his parents think about it. what do you do when a guy with a gun demands money. the crazy way this clerk staved off a would be robber. next. ,,,, ready? happy birthday! it's a painting easel! the tide's coming in!
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this is my favorite one. it's upside down. oh, sorry. (woman vo) it takes him places he's always wanted to go. that's why we bought a subaru.
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hard way: don't mess with a man and his machete. a would be robber learns the hard way. >> take a close look at this video from a new york deli. a man wearing a mask walks in, pulls out a gun, demands money from the clerk and that's when, wait for it, wait for it, yeah, dude, pulls out a machete, chases the suspect out of the store. >> it's probably best to
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comply with his demands and give the money up rather than take a chance. where in this case, the clerk was lucky. >> the suspect not as lucky, he got away empty handed. the braves were not quite as lucky. a former giant plays hero tonight. a shocking release by the silver and gold and clear in detroit. show you what happened, next. ,,,, look at them with that u-verse wireless receiver.
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i guess you can call the a's and tigers rivals after what transpired in the 9th inning of game three. wayne, give me the clock. one of three home runs off american league e.r.a. leader, anabel sanchez, gave the a's a 6-3 lead.
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he has four home runs off sanchez. slammed the door on the tigers and after fouling off a pitch, victor martinez stares off a little too long for his liking. look at the rage. wow. martinez had to be separated. benches clear, no punches thrown and the tigers go down one, two, three. the a's win 6-3. they can move on to the next round. former giant, juan uribe may soon get his own hollywood star. a go ahead two-run home run put the dodgers in the alcs. eliminate the braves 3-2. and in oakland, is over. just five weeks into the regular season, the raiders announced they released him. they will absorb $6.5 million of his salary. so, not bad for terrell prior.
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>> with a victory last night. >> see you at 11:00. ,,,, here's bubba watson. the master of the escape. dadada dadada blue 375 razor! wait for it... ooooh! dadada dadada moves in, shoots, and scores! curry off the bounce, wow! dadada dadada dadada dadada dadada dadada mccutchen coming over and he makes the catch! that'll be on sportscenter!
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more on kershaw's dominating win, next! dadada! dadada!
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